Community Open Houses

The Community Open Houses provided an opportunity to see the vision for the future of specific areas across McKinney.

Approximately 100 participants attended over both nights and were able to discuss key components of the ONE McKinney 2040 Comprehensive Plan. There was also an area dedicated to citywide topics such as foundational policy direction and mobility. Members of the project team were available to answer questions and collect feedback.

The materials presented at the Open Houses are available below. All of the collected comments are listed in the sidebar to the right. Please click any link to view a scan of each specific map or board.

City Wide Topics

Emerging Policy Direction

Preferred Scenario

Fiscal Responsibility - Part 1

Fiscal Responsibility - Part 2



Updated MTP

Travel Demand Analysis

District Details

Cultural and Entertainment Centers

Tour Center District

Honey Creek District

Economic Assets

Business and Aviation District

Medical District

Collin Crossing District

Housing and Neighborhood

Northridge District

Trinity Falls District

Homestead District

Natural Assets

Agricultural Lifestyle District

East Fork District

Scenic District

Transportation Focused Districts

Collin McKinney Commercial District

Gateway Business District

Oak Hollow District

Outer Loop Commercial District