State of the City

What IS State of the City?

The Comprehensive Plan is a large, guiding document that touches every aspect of McKinney. The State of the City process of the Comprehensive Plan Update involved a current assessment of McKinney. This assessment was completed by analyzing data (economic and demographic) and gathering input from City Staff and the public. The goal was to gain a broad understanding of the McKinney of 2015. It was vital to understand the McKinney of today to better plan for the McKinney of tomorrow. The State of the City phase of the Comprehensive Plan Update was a time to evaluate the realities of McKinney today and to dream big about the McKinney of the future.

What HAPPENED during State of the City?

The Fall of 2015 was a busy time for the Comprehensive Plan Update. The project team worked to define where the City of McKinney was in terms of development, population, economic conditions, and many other factors and to analyzed how the City would evolve given its current trajectory. Most importantly, the project team began reaching out to the citizens of McKinney to find out their wishes and wants for the future of McKinney.

McKinney of TODAY

The project team analyzed the demographics, land uses, and economic conditions in the City of McKinney. The research found that over the last five years, McKinney grew at a rate more than twice the rate of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the City’s household size was higher than the metroplex average (suggesting more families than the average), and there were less renter-occupied households than the metroplex average. The population of McKinney was also slightly younger and more college-educated than the metroplex overall. The research, however, did find that McKinney is attracting retiring Baby Boomers and the project team expects the City’s demographic profile to age as this age cohort settles in McKinney.

Want a complete summary of the information collected through the State of the City Phase? CLICK HERE to download the complete summary.