Public Outreach

A major component to the creation of the ONE McKinney 2040 Comprehensive Plan is extensive community outreach. The project team has held several public outreach events thus far, including interactive community summits, survey and response gathering at Oktoberfest, and a community charrette (workshop). Online surveys and questionnaires were also made available in efforts to solicit input from stakeholders who were unable to attend community events. Events have been designed to gather input on what quality of life factors are most important to citizens.

The project team received a large amount of input from residents and stakeholders. The outreach process revealed that residents want to see sustainable growth (including a balanced tax base and maintenance of infrastructure), a maximization of assets (like the airport and the downtown), and protection and enhancement of natural features, among other items. In summary, there were thirteen major themes that became prominent during the outreach process, including:

  • Maintain City infrastructure (streets, parks, buildings) over time
  • Provide comparable city services and amenities city wide
  • Grow the City’s tax base in order to be economically sustainable and resilient over the long term
  • Invent/Reinvent major corridors
  • Use energy, water, and other resources efficiently
  • Keep existing neighborhoods vital
  • Continue to embrace downtown as the historic jewel of McKinney
  • Maximize the opportunity presented by the airport
  • Provide quality schools and educational opportunities
  • Respect natural features and topography
  • Maintain a sense of community and quality of life as the city grows
  • Determine the development pattern for the future of currently undeveloped areas
  • Provide efficient transportation infrastructure

The public outreach events and workshops are available in more detail on the right side of this page. Please hover over the events to view materials and presentations.

Public Outreach Events and Workshops

The project team has received and recorded a tremendous amount of feedback from a variety of stakeholders and residents. Complete summaries of the public input received during the first two phases of this initiative can be viewed at the links below: