Community Wide Vision

What IS Community Wide Vision?

The Community Wide Vision phase contained many public input meetings, including the community charrette and the community workshop. These meetings allowed stakeholders to map out and plan their desired futures for McKinney. By the conclusion of this phase, the public expressed their needs and wants for the future of McKinney and planned out suggestions for the locations of land uses like residential and commercial types. The goal of this phase was to create a community wide consensus on the development and changes in the City of McKinney.

What HAPPENED during Community Wide Vision?

The Fall of 2015 and beginning of 2016 have been busy with public input meetings and workshops designed to allow participants to map out their desired future for McKinney and to work together to created a unified vision of the future land uses and needs of McKinney.

Please CLICK HERE to download a complete summary of the information collected during the Community Wide Vision phase.