Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee can play a valuable role in a comprehensive planning process. The committee serves as a focal point for dialogue and consensus-building so that the resulting plan is truly reflective of the interests and objectives of the community.

The Advisory Committee works with the project team in reviewing information and analysis, defining and evaluating potential alternatives for the future and considering possible goals and action priorities. The Advisory Committee also plays an important role in building consensus among interests about the recommendations and direction of the plan. In this role, committee members are expected to share their own perspectives, listen to the perspectives of other members, and seek to reach an agreement on recommendations that best serve the future of the community as a whole.

Appointed by the McKinney City Council, the McKinney Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) includes the following members:

Active Interest Stakeholder
  • Marta Gore
  • Deanna Kuykendall

Community Development Representatives
  • Michael Henke
  • Brian White

Development and Real Estate Representatives
  • Rick Franklin
  • Bob Roeder
  • Katina Zepp

Downtown Property Owner Representatives
  • George Bush

District 4 Champion Representative
  • Rodrick Robinson**

Education/School District Representative
  • Sherry Tucker

McKinney National Airport Representative
  • Daniel Jones

Community Advocate Representatives
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Michael Puhl*

County/ETJ Representatives
  • Scott Morrissey
  • Cragg Rogers

Downtown Business Owner Representatives
  • Rick Franklin

District 2 Champion Representative
  • Erik Templin

Economic Development Representatives
  • Lance Abbott
  • John Mathews

Former City Leader/City Council Member Representatives
  • Thad Helsley
  • Scott Lewis

Planning and Zoning Comissioner Representatives
  • Bill Cox
  • Mark Messer

  • *Michael Puhl is no longer serving due to other professional commitments
  • **Appointed to replace J.R. Richardson

Advisory Committee Meeting Information